Digital Radio is similar to the analogue radio the only difference being the original sound wave compressed before sending over air waves. The features of Digital radio are many. Hence, there is no need to restrict its’ use at home. It can be used in cars too. More than 60% of the cars that are manufactured today have digital radio in them as a standard. But if there is no digital radio in one’s car, there is no need for worry love that poste radio auto bluetooth. A car radio retailer or dealer can install one in the car. The price range also starts from £50 to £300. Depending on the type of electronic system in the car, the type of digital radio needs to be chosen. If one is not sure about it, the car dealer will help fix one. The UK broadcast industry and government’s top priority is to make a digital switch over. That is why, there is a lot of effort put in building many new transmitters for national and local stations on DAB and take the coverage to the level of FM.